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por Zózimo, Abstract: This paper explores the concept of Value Stream Management (VSM) in the context of designing services […]
Companies have many perspectives to cover to generate real value through their products/services to the customer and market. Most perspectives […]
Para empresas de capital aberto tem vários indicadores financeiros que são relevantes e podem impactar o valor das ações ou […]
How good is a business model in the market? Does the service or product have perpetuity? Is there growth potential? […]
The evolution of Value Driven Design (VDD), is a toolbox of modelling concepts and applications used to create products that […]
Value Stream Management or Value Stream Mapping masked? Are we really talking about value stream management, or are we rehashing […]
Design Customer Value (DCV) is a customer-focused approach to product or service design that prioritizes the needs and preferences of […]
Framing value refers to the way in which a particular product, service, or idea is presented or perceived in the […]