Value Management Office (VMO) is a central function or department within an organization that is responsible for managing and optimizing the delivery of value to customers. The VMO typically plays a strategic role in aligning the organization’s objectives with customer needs and ensuring that the right projects, initiatives, and resources are in place to deliver value effectively and efficiently.

The VMO is often responsible for implementing value management practices and methodologies, such as Value Stream Management (VSM), Lean, and Agile, across the organization. This can include training, coaching, and support for teams, as well as regular performance monitoring and reporting. The VMO may also be involved in defining and measuring key value metrics, such as customer satisfaction, cycle time, and lead time, and using these metrics to inform continuous improvement efforts.

The goal of the VMO is to help the organization deliver maximum value to customers, with a focus on reducing waste, increasing efficiency, and improving the overall customer experience.

A Value Management Office is effective in monitoring the progress of Agile teams and enabling them to deliver value to customers using Agile metrics. 

The focus shifts to value delivered, lean financial governance, alignment with strategic goals, inter-team dependencies, ‘batch size of the work’, as well as reducing waste and organisational impediments.

Teams are focused on a continuous delivery of value from concept to cash.

The focus is on anticipating and accommodating changes as business needs emerge during the execution phase. Flexibility is given to teams to collaborate and pivot as needed.

Primarily focuses on maintaining flow with metrics like WIP, Batch size, Lead time and Cycle time, Burndown charts, Business value delivered etc. Success is not measured on the basis of sticking to a plan but the real value delivered to customers.

Centres around mentoring and coaching for Product Owners, Scrum Masters, the leadership team as well as stakeholders on how to enable and support delivery teams in maximising the value delivered.


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